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Judith was chair of the South East area for several years, representing the area on the Heritage Trust Network national committee, before ceding the chair to Diana Beattie while moving across to become a member of the Executive in 2014. She became smitten with conservation after discovering SAVE’s ‘Tomorrow’s Ruins’ at the same time as coming across the abandoned house of one of the old coal owners in the north east.

Ruins still exert a strong pull. After degrees in architecture and historic conservation, she realised she was far more interested in the buildings that make the backcloth – industrial remains or artisans’ housing. She has worked in the preservation trust sector for 20 years and by a neat circular process now finds herself campaigning – in the persistent and often thankless way familiar to everyone in the field – for the rescue and reuse of the last buildings of the East Kent coal field, at Snowdown.


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