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A varied programme of practical sessions to sign up to on the day

David Burdus

Director, Burdus Access

Understanding the Equality Act 2010 and what it means for historic building projects

In this workshop David will look at 10 Downing Street as an example of a Listed Building and explore the architectural integrity, heritage value and social inclusion issues relating to ‘in through the front door’ access for all, with specific focus on the existing steps and their impact on social inclusion.

In this interactive workshop we will explore the relevant organisations, issues, guidance and statutory processes relating to a hypothetical proposal and application for planning approval to ‘ameliorate’ the steps. Delegates will be asked to present arguments for and against approval.

Julie Edwards

Local Heritage Education Manager, Yorkshire & Humber, Historic England

New approaches to engaging local schools with your project

In this workshop delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about how schools are using heritage to make a difference in learning by improving pupil engagement and the delivery of the requirement for a broad and balanced curriculum; including the contribution of heritage to SMSC, British Values, history, geography, literacy, numeracy and creative arts.

The session will include case studies from successful school projects across the region including the development of a new project in Bradford which explores identity and diversity through the built environment.

Delegates will take away some fresh ideas for working with schools and ways they can engage with the Heritage Schools Programme.

Alex O'Donnell

Account Executive, Hayes Parsons

Trustees & Personal Liability - Are You at Risk?

This session will explore the potential liabilities associated with becoming a charity trustee and discuss to what extent insurance and the organisations’ legal form can help limit your liability.

Live 'Toolkit' demonstrations.

Heritage Trust Network

Have a go at navigating around the resource with support from the Heritage Trust Network team.

Architectural Heritage Fund Team

Advice Surgery

An opportunity to speak to one of the AHF Support Officers about your project. You can sign up for a slot on the day.

Iain Masterton

Senior VAT Manager, CT: Accountants Advisors

A Practical Guide to VAT Recovery on Building Preservation Trust Projects

Using live examples, this session will explain some of the basic VAT principles governing VAT recovery on heritage projects, highlight ways to maximise VAT recovery, and offer tips on dealing with HM Revenue & Customs.

Rebecca Burrows


Identifying Potential for Change: Case studies in assessing significance to inform change

Join Rebecca as she explores the complexities of assessing significance through a range of examples and how this can be used to inform the future viability of heritage sites. Case studies: Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, York Cold War Bunker, Bootham Park Hospital, York.

Chris Jackson

Christians - Measured Solutions

3D documentation of heritage sites & structures

The session will provide a basic introduction to modern survey and documentation techniques.  We will concentrate on some of the options that we currently use to record buildings and structures. We will cover the main advantages and limitations of various deliverables and take you through the levels of detail that can be achieved through laser scanning and photogrammetry. We will have survey equipment (UAV’s & Laser Scanners) as well as project samples for you to look at.

Heritage Trust Network Team

Welcome to Toolkit

You are welcome to have a go at navigating around our new on-line toolkit, with a team member on hand for support and demonstrations. See what’s included if you are not a member and want to ‘try before you buy’!

IHBC Yorkshire branch

Walking tour of Hull's old town

We’ve joined forces with the Yorkshire branch of the IHBC who will be leading walking tours of the old town’s conservation area; detailing regeneration schemes that have been introduced over the years, and discussing their successes and challenges.

An additional blue badge guide is kindly sponsored by

Architectural Heritage Fund Team

Advice Surgery

An opportunity to speak to one of the AHF Support Officers about your project. You can sign up for a slot on the day.