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Heritage Trust Network Protocol for all members

Heritage Trust Network Objects

The Network was established to promote and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of voluntary, not for profit and charitable organisations involved in the preservation of historical, architectural and constructional heritage for the public benefit.  The Heritage Trust Network’s Articles of Association set out in detail the objects and powers of the Network.

In its work, the organisation will meet and promote these common values:

  • To encourage the formation of voluntary, not for profit and charitable organisations to rescue, regenerate and manage heritage buildings and sites.
  • To value and promote the contribution that the rescue of heritage buildings and sites can bring to sustainable regeneration and the creation of an enhanced quality of life for local communities.
  • To encourage members to produce exemplary schemes that preserve and enhance the architectural and historic qualities of heritage buildings.
  • To promote respect between members, funders, supporters, and the communities they serve.

A mutually supportive association

The Heritage Trust Network was founded on principles of mutual support and co-operation among its members. It will encourage members to devote time to assist and advise other members where they can; primarily through branch meetings.

The Network expects members to engage with other members, and with regional and national Network forums, in a positive and constructive spirit.

The sector comprises members with a mix of national, regional, local area, and building-specific remits; the potential for overlap is inevitable.  The Heritage Trust Network’s list of members should be used to identify those operating in the locality of a proposed new project; members are expected to use this information to avoid encroaching on the territory or business objectives of other members without prior agreement.

Ambassadors for our movement

Every member of the Heritage Trust Network is an ambassador for the Heritage Trust movement. Therefore it is expected that members promote themselves, other members, and the Network in a positive way to each other and to external bodies.

Dispute resolution

Every effort should be made to resolve any disputes positively and in a manner that demonstrates respect for others in the Network.  By adopting the above values it is expected that members will be able to resolve issues, if any arise, through direct discussion between the parties concerned; should that fail, the following process is available to members.

  • The matter can be referred to the local Heritage Trust Network Area Representative for informal mediation.
  • In the absence of achieving a resolution, a formal dispute can be lodged with the Heritage Trust Network’s Board of Trustees via the administrator by sending an email to It is an assumed condition of membership that members will assist fully and provide all necessary information for the Board to consider the cause of the dispute.

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