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Digital Heroes

Connecting volunteers aged 18-30 with our members across the UK to provide digital support.

Heritage Trust Network’s Digital Heroes project is connecting 18-30 year olds with heritage organisations across the UK to provide digital support for them to engage wider audiences, and secure the future of their heritage sites

Heritage Trust Network recruits, trains, and matches volunteer Digital Heroes with our members. Training materials have been developed in partnership with The Audience Agency.

The Digital Heroes will complete placements of at least 40 hours with the organisations they are matched with, supporting on tasks which might include updating websites, creating digital content, advising on social media campaigns, and devising digital fundraising or marketing strategies.

Word cloud in shaeds of green. Words include membership, website, social, media, development, marketing, database, campaigns, content, help, updates

The project aims to support Young People to engage with heritage organisations and develop skills to support their future career.

Heroes will be given the opportunity to make connections with heritage organisations and develop valuable digital skills. Previous projects have included:

      • Revamping websites to help fundraising efforts,
      • Creating digital fundraising strategies
      • Advised on social media strategy 
      • Prepare activities to engage young people
      • Updated organisations digital plan
      • Set up databases to increase efficiency
      • Create digital displays for use on website and the site

Heroes will be supported by Heritage Trust Network throughout their volunteer placements, receive a year-long student membership, and will be offered free tickets to Heritage Trust Network Youth Forum events

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Member organisations that host heroes will become more resilient and will be allowed to develop digital skills.

In 2021, the Network surveyed members and found:

  • 69% of members did not use online video
  • 62% hadn’t used podcasts
  • 31% hadn’t used online tickets
  • Many of the members didn’t even have a basic web presence, didn’t use online bookkeeping, had no online system for managing contacts /membership and did not use online fundraising.
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shot from behind a young person who is filming the action on a stage at conference on her mobile phone

Help from a digital volunteer would greatly assist with the outreach and communications with our communities

Yvonne BolesClackmannanshire Heritage Trust

Digital is the ultimate inter-generational gateway: it opens up stories, experiences and opportunities as dialogue about common interests in heritage. Chenyu, Cultura’s Digital Hero, took on that challenge through photogrammetry, which we and our local partners and volunteers can build upon.

Graham BellCultura Trust

It was great working with Kamila as by discussion we could work out what to do whereas I could not have done that on my own. I am now confident to work with that database and Kamila said she could see where she could use it on her university course. I am thinking that by working together I learnt a lot more than I would have done if I had just been told what to do.

Jane GiffouldHalstead 21st Century group (H21C)

Help from a digital volunteer will help us to communicate our message to a wider audience as well as engage with our local community

Darren BridgmanPeter Ashley Activity Centres

I just want to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with Toluwanimi. She has been extremely easy and fun to work with and I have learnt a lot from her expertise. We had weekly online catch-ups where Toluwanimi presented her work and I gave feedback for improvement.

Viktoria ErikssonDufftown and District Community Association