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A future for all our pasts

Helping our members save the UK’s heritage assets.

If you are new to, or working with, an historic building project our Toolkit will guide you.

From establishing an organisation to deliver your project and develop your vision, to fundraising, preparing plans, working with contractors and engaging effectively with different audiences and making your project sustainable into the future, we can help you with our step-by-step practical advice.

There are many new ways to develop successful heritage projects, using social enterprise models and entrepreneurial funding strategies. We can help you plan the right route and focus on viability. We can help you grow a sustainable organisation, and think beyond the building to the wider benefits that your organisation and your project can bring to your heritage and community.

If you are an old hand, with a number of successful conservation projects under your belt, and are just looking to keep your knowledge up to date, or need help with a particular challenge, our Toolkit provides detailed guidance and links to a range of helpful specialist organisations. No need to sift through the wealth of websites – we’ve done the hard work, and can point you directly to great sources of good information. Make Toolkit work for you!

What's Inside?

"The Heritage Trust Network toolkit really is a powerful tool for a small organisation like ours, which has limited resources and staff. As such, we find that it is a first port call, offering great advice in so many areas, including how to manage risk, developing project briefs and understanding heritage legislation. Moreover, as a museum, there’s great practical advice on employing staff and recruiting volunteers, as well as using social media as an effective communications tool. Heritage Trust Network are also reactive to their members’ needs, and are always looking to expand Toolkit based on what their users require. I couldn't recommend it more highly."

Sarah Hayes
Coffin Works & Museum Manager
Newman Brothers at The Coffin Works

Toolkit can be accessed via a project timeline, or subject areas can be searched by theme.

Toolkit Timeline

Access Toolkit chronologically and work your way through a project stage by stage

You can access Toolkit via a project timeline; this is based on how a typical project will usually run, across different stages. However, you can dip in and out as you need; everyone’s journey will be different, and no two projects are completely the same.

Toolkit Themes

Find the content you need via our Themes

If you need to quickly access a certain area of guidance then you may find searching our Toolkit via our Themes a more useful route to the information you need. We cover all aspects of the project timeline here, but it is organised by categories rather than chronologically.

Toolkit usability

Find your way around via tiles.

Toolkit is designed to be easy to use, with a system of tiles that allow you to navigate information quickly across all your devices; from mobile device to computer.

Explore Toolkit

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Heritage Trust Network thrives on peer to peer support; it is an invaluable resource.

Toolkit includes a wide range of ‘learning’ case studies from members who share their experiences and tips.

Members have also shared useful documents to provide examples of reports, plans and templates, saving other organisations both time and money. 

Levels of Access to Toolkit

Connect Members get access to Stage One of Toolkit; Getting your organisation ready.

Network, Partner and Supporter class members can access all areas of the Toolkit including our library of case studies across all stages of a project.

Project Timeline

Toolkit is intended as the ultimate guide and signposting service for developing a heritage building project. It covers everything from governance to technical guidance to fundraising, presented in a variety of accessible formats.

What's Inside?

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