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1020 Voice for Heritage share their co-designed interviews at historic buildings

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1020 Voice for Heritage is a project giving people aged 10-20 a voice in the heritage sector. They are co-designing their own project and so far they have shared experiences of volunteering or visiting heritage sites and organisations, had visits, led interviews and are planning an in-person day of activities. The group is made up of people with different experiences – from being part of the Young Archaeology Club, to attending a historic church which does work for its community and volunteering at museums. This means that the young people have a wealth of experiences to share, especially bringing the perspective of being a young person to these places.

“I always wanted to get involved with history but I never knew how. Heritage Trust Network got me thinking about it, they introduced me to a program that has helped me very much.” – a member of the 1020 Voice for Heritage group.

Co-designed visits and interviews

The group co-designed their own interviews and put together a list of top tips for leading an interview. In the Autumn, some of the group had a chance to use these interview skills at visits to historic buildings.

They all did a fantastic job of finding out information about the places they visited and asking interesting questions in their interviews with people working at each place.

Elliot is 10 and from North Hykeham. He went to Greyfriars in Lincoln to find out about the history of the building and what it will be used for in the future. He spoke to Lydia Hendry from Heritage Lincolnshire and filmed the interview where he asked questions about parts of the building which he noticed on his visit too.

Rosie and Evie are both 17 and live near London. They went on a visit to the Former Girls’ Charity School in Edmonton, North London and had a tour from Rosie Shaw from the London Historic Buildings Trust. They also co-designed their own interview and asked Rosie questions about the uses of the building as well as how to engage young people in heritage.

Not only did they have great interviews but they filmed them and some footage around the site. You can watch each visit and interview below. The first video is a compilation of both visits in a 5 minute video showing some highlights.

Watch the highlights video:

This highlights video was shown at the Heritage Trust Network conference 2022 and received some great feedback! The young people involved in the project had their voice heard in front of a room of over 100 people. This is an important way for young people to show that they do care about historic buildings.

Watch Elliot’s full 5 minute interview at Greyfriars, Lincoln with Lydia from Heritage Lincolnshire:


Watch Evie and Rosie’s full 13 minute interview at the Former Girls’ Charity School, Edmonton with Rosie from London Historic Buildings Trust:

Social Media

If you have seen the social media posts about these videos, you will have seen the great ideas shared by the group when they decided what makes a good post on social media!

Have a look at some of their ideas for what makes a good social media post below on the post it notes:

Post it notes showing what makes a good social media post

Well done to all members of the 1020 Voice for Heritage group! They have been fantastic at sharing their ideas, discussing their experiences together and in co-designing this project so far.

What’s coming up next for 1020 Voice for Heritage?

Next, the group are co-designing an in-person day of activities which will take place on 18th February in Coventry. It will involve seeing historic buildings and places, speaking to experts, heritage related activities and the opportunity to be part of social action. The day will be designed by young people and for young people.

If you are (or you know) a young person aged 10-20 in England who wants to get involved in 1020 Voice for Heritage, be part of organising this event in a design session and attend in February, email Fae to receive a registration form at

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to hearing from you!

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