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Govanhill Baths and South Asian Women Event

By March 8, 2024No Comments

One of our members, Govanhill Baths Community Trust, held a wonderful event as part of their International Women’s Day programme. Govanhill Baths and South Asian Women celebrated the women who have long been an important part of the bath’s history and wider Govanhill area.


Govanhill in Glasgow is one of the most diverse places outside of London within the UK. However, often the stories of diverse communities, and in particular women, are often left out of mainstream heritage narratives. This event was an opportunity for South Asian women to come together and share stories of their time at the baths and ongoing involvement with the Trust.


The event featured three unique readings from Zamard Zahid, Samar Jamal and Maya Uppal which all highlighted the important relationship between South Asian women and the Govanhill Baths. They referred to the women-only swimming nights that were a safe space for women to have some fun and exercise and the important role of the steamie as a social space. Attendees retold their memories of the baths, Govanhill and the people in it.



Govanhill Baths is currently undergoing refurbishment and is set to reopen as an inclusive and wellbeing centre and community hub. To find out more head to their website.

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