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Believe it or not: is our Impact Survey accurate?

By February 14, 2024February 26th, 2024No Comments

Responses to the Network’s first annual impact survey reveal the scale and breadth of our members’ work and the benefits they bring to their communities.

If we extrapolate from our early results we might conclude that:

  • Members spent nearly £60m on heritage restoration projects last year.
  • They completed 210 restoration projects.
  • They directly employ 1,325 people but over 4,000 people are employed on the sites that they own

Is any of this accurate?  It is a bit too early to say. The only way to make sure it becomes more accurate is for more members to complete the survey.  Not only that but:

  • It will enable us to demonstrate to Governments, funders, local authorities and other partners the positive impact of community heritage.
  • It will help us get a much better picture of who our members are and how we can serve your needs.
  • Gathering the information and completing the survey will create a comprehensive snapshot of your organisation that will give you all the facts in one place for funding applications and to demonstrate your impact locally.
  • We hope to provide reports that will enable you to compare your organisation with others in the sector.
  • Once we have data from more than one year, we can build a picture of how the sector has grown and provide you with a report on how your organisation has progressed.

And the good news is that on average it taking less than 15 minutes to complete the survey. But it helps if you are prepared. You can download a copy of the questions below so you know what information you will need.

Please complete your survey! We would love to have more accurate data to help us shout about the great work you do.

We will shortly be re-sending, to primary contacts in our Network, Network Plus and Connect members, the unique link to enable you to complete the survey online. If you have not received the link please email Vicki Cox.

Heritage Trust Network impact survey questions preview

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