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Caring for God’s Acre celebrate success in their annual report

By February 5, 2024No Comments
Infographic which features the following statistics: Wildlife better recorded at 6273 burial grounds across England and Wales. 18,380 people recording wildlife and giving £857,115 wort of time. Love your burial ground week taking part in 808 places of worship nationwide. 87,424 new sightings of wildlife recorded. 1020 training sessions across 68 counties in England and Wales. Built heritage better recorded at 548 burial grounds across England and Wales. 18,477 people polishing their burial ground natural, built or social heritage skills. 890 people taking part in 53 accessible sessions from gentle sessions in small groups, sign language interpretation sessions, accessible sessions and fun sessions for families.

Caring for God’s Acre has released their 2022-2023 annual report which highlights the work they have been doing to “promote, for the benefit of the public and for the advancement of education, the conservation, enhancement and interpretation of the natural and built features of burial grounds of all types and denominations.”

Their ‘Beautiful Burial Ground‘ project finished at the end of December 2022 after four and a half years and you can read the full evaluation here.

Some of the outcomes included built heritage being better recorded at 548 burial grounds across England and Wales and 18,477 people improving their skills relating to the built, natural or social aspects of burial grounds.

Although this particular project has closed this is not the end of The Beautiful Burial Ground as they will continue to promote it, to encourage recording and to use the resulting data in a range of ways. In particular it really helps them to support those managing burial grounds and to champion their importance both locally and nationally.

You can read the full report here to learn about the great work the charity has been doing. 


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