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Heritage Trainee becomes Project Coordinator at Heritage Trust Network

By August 26, 2022No Comments
Fae at Caernarfon Castle

Graduate heritage trainee, Fae Clark, who started with the Network earlier this year now has a new role as Project Coordinator for the 1020 Voice for Heritage project.

Fae has learnt many new skills in her role as Heritage Trainee and now is ready for a new position. Heritage Trust Network has helped Fae in the early stages of her career by providing guidance and opportunities to see an overview of different types of work in the heritage sector. 

Fae said “It has been very valuable for me to get to see the different roles at Heritage Trust Network and the different types of work done by member organisations. 

I have built up skills using digital tools, learnt a lot from speaking directly to members and experts at events and I am more confident writing and creating content for social media channels. 

Through this role, I have learnt a lot which I believe will help me to progress in the heritage sector. From speaking to other young people, such as through our Youth Forum, I know that traineeships are a great way for young people to get a foot in the door. It also seems to be a good way to bring a young perspective to your heritage organisation.” 

In her new role, Fae will coordinate the 1020 Voice for Heritage project with guidance from other staff members and staff at Heritage Lincolnshire. 

The project will give opportunities to young people aged 10-20 to co-design their own project and have a national voice in the heritage sector. 

Fae said “I am looking forward to using the skills I developed as a trainee in this new role. From organising events and leading meetings on Zoom to advertising the opportunity and keeping participants up to date with developments of the project, I feel confident in planning the project and helping to make heritage accessible to a wider group of people.” 

Heritage Trust Network is delighted to be able to support young people who need a foot in the door in the sector. There will hopefully be more opportunities in the future to employ more Heritage Trainees as each can bring a new perspective to the role. 

For other heritage organisations looking to engage young people in their work, watch the recording of our event “Working with and Engaging Young Adults in Heritage” which you can find in our recordings. Also, keep an eye on our newsletter for upcoming opportunities to engage with the Heritage Trust Network Youth Forum and for learnings from the 1020 Voice for Heritage project. 

Image Caption: Fae on a site visit to Caernarfon Castle to visit in advance of the Heritage Trust Network conference in November 2022. 


Thanks to the Dulverton Trust for funding this new project through the #iwill Fund. 

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