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Sustainability Bulletin: digital emissions

By February 21, 2024February 26th, 2024No Comments
Sunlight shines through the bright green leaves that make up the canopy of a tree.

Our heritage trainee for Scotland, Marissa has worked to put together a sustainability bulletin for the Network, here’s the latest edition:

This week the bulletin is focusing on digital emissions because they are often overlooked but have a huge impact. Although it is hard to measure, it is clear that the internet has an even larger carbon footprint than the aviation sector!

Everything you do digitally has a carbon cost and even small amounts will add up over time so let’s have a go at reducing it! 

Top Tips to Try: Reducing the carbon footprint of your laptop and monitors!

  1. If you can, reduce your brightness on your laptop: it can help you save up to around 20% of the energy your screen is using
  2. Change your laptop to low power mode: this not only reduces your energy but if useful if you’re out and about without a power socket
  3. Try using dark mode: using dark mode using less energy than having the traditional white background. Some people prefer it because it reduces blue light which can affect your sleep!

Resource of the week: How to make your digital engagement activities better for the environment

This week’s task:

Did you know that emails have a carbon footprint? Whilst an individual email has a relatively small carbon cost the amount of emails sent and stored every day across the world adds up to tonnes of carbon. So, this week take 15 minutes to try to do these things: 

  • Empty your deleted email folder
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters you never read
  • Turn off social media email notifications if you don’t check them

What are you doing to reduce your environmental impact?

I have started keeping my reusable coffee cup in my bag so I don’t forget it when I’m out and about.

A hand holds a reusable coffee cup in the sunlight, a grassy area can be seen blurred in the background.

You can send me a wee email (picture optional but encouraged!) if you want to include what you or your project are doing to be more environmentally sustainable in next week’s bulletin!

It is important when doing any sort of climate work to take care of your mental health, so take a few minutes to be mindful:

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