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The Building Blocks for the Past Ensure the Future of Tolpuddle Old Chapel

By October 19, 2020No Comments
Cob bricks

After many months of surveying a collection of local sites and analysing soil samples to establish geological suitability, an earth material has been successfully identified to carry out the scheduled conservation repair work to Tolpuddle Old Chapel.

These truly magnificent cob sample blocks have been manufactured especially for the chapel by Heritage Cob & Lime of Bideford.

We look forward, with excitement, to the full excavation of the chalk over the next month and its manufacture into cob blocks over winter.

Toldpuddle Old Chapel Trust is especially grateful for the donation of chalk material by a helpful Affpuddle farmer.

Thanks also to Tobias Charleton-Pragnell of Black Pheasant Consultancy, acting for Historic England, for his perseverance in sampling and analysing the chalk material.

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