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VAT Month at Heritage Trust Network!

By May 10, 2023December 7th, 2023No Comments

We’re delighted to offer new and updated VAT support throughout May 2023.

Partner Plus members CT: Accountants Advisors have updated a number of their resources within Toolkit as well as providing some new guidance documents.  Many of you will have met Iain Masterton at our annual conferences where he’s often run a popular VAT workshop for us.  Now he’s running a special ‘Demystifying VAT’ event on the 30th May so that even more of you can pick his brains.

Throughout the month, keep an eye on our social media channels where Iain will sharing key information about VAT.


CT: Accountants Advisers Member Offer:

Our specialist team has provided Heritage Trust Network members with advice for over 10 years and has extensive experience in the building preservation trust sector.

CT: Accountants Advisors offer Partner and Network class members (not available to Connect class members) a free, initial hour consultation on VAT, tax and accountancy matters, following which the trust will be provided with a written summary of the advice and a detailed quote if any follow-up work is involved.

Trusts contact CT: Accountants Advisors at various stages of their project and queries can range from simply confirming current understanding, to giving an approximate estimate on the potential VAT recovery of a project. The firm also provides advice to members on business plans, accountancy software packages and accounting practices. Call us today on 0131 558 5800, email or find out more here.

Full details of their special offer for members can be found on the Services to Members page in Toolkit.


Toolkit Updates – VAT Special:

CT: Accountants Advisors have been busy updating and producing new Toolkit resources for Heritage Trust Network members.

To follow the links below, you will need to be logged in to Toolkit.  Please note that Connect members can only access resources which sit within Stage 1.

The following pages have been updated:
Charities: Gift Aid 
Charities: VAT and Tax 
Community Interest Companies and Corporation Tax 

The following new guidance documents have been added to Toolkit:
Approaching VAT recovery on Heritage Building Projects
Community Interest Companies and Corporation Tax


Online Event: Demystifying VAT with CT: Accountants Advisors

30th May, Online

Meet the expert and ask your questions at this relaxed Q&A event with Heritage Trust Network Partner Plus members CT: Accountants Advisers.

In this seminar, Iain Masterton, VAT Director at CT: Accountants Advisers (the Network’s VAT advisers for over 10 years) will go through some of the key VAT considerations Building Preservation Trusts (BPTs) need to consider when approaching projects.

Throughout the Network’s VAT Month, CT: Accountants Advisers will look at various key concepts such as VAT registration, options to tax, dealing with HMRC and VAT recovery and in this seminar, Iain will put these into context in a case study which will talk through some of the typical practical issues faced by BPTs.

The session will also enable members to ask direct questions about VAT matters, whether these are in the context of the seminar or are more general queries. We encourage members to think about VAT questions and issues in advance to get as much out of this session as possible.

Find out more, or book your tickets, here. 

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