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Video Case Study: Promoting UK Heritage to Chinese Markets

By December 20, 2020January 5th, 2021No Comments

Originally shown at our 2020 Conference – ‘Grassroots Heritage: Empowering Recovery’.

Feixue Huangdu and Neville Stankley, from Culture Syndicates, present the case for promoting UK heritage to China, giving context and advice on how we can best engage international audiences with the UK offering. This video begins with a short introduction from our conference sponsor Buttress Architects.

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Culture Syndicates undertakes international marketing, commodification and digital opportunities for museums and heritage sites, large and small.

– NEVILLE STANKLEY, Acting Chief Executive

Neville Stankley is a heritage consultant and University lecturer, formerly running an MA in Museum and Heritage Development in both Nottingham and Beijing. He spent the last four years travelling regularly to China lecturing and developing partnerships. He created the social enterprise Culture Syndicates in 2011 to help early-career professionals and support cash strapped heritage sites. More recently, the social enterprise is now in partnership with the Heritage Trust Network to assist organisational sustainability through international promotion.

– FEIXUE HUANGDU, Digital Projects Officer

A former journalist and Miss World contestant working in Beijing, Feixue Huangdu began working on the burgeoning live stream culture in China and came to the UK to develop her research with Nottingham Trent University.
She stayed to work on broadcasting UK heritage to an increasing Chinese audience for this type of content winning the Judges’ Special Award at the East Midlands Heritage Awards for “using digital technology to initiate a global reach”. To date, she has broadcast 27 interactive live programmes from heritage sites to a total audience of 8.5 million people. Now she is working on behalf of HTN members and Culture Syndicates clients to promote them to her home country.

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