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Be part of the Network Youth Forum!

By February 24, 2022September 8th, 2023No Comments
Young people walking with text overlayed, Join the Network Youth Forum

Are you aged 18-30 and interested in heritage?  

Do you want your voice to be heard in the heritage sector? 

Do you want to help community heritage organisations in your area? 

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then we want to hear from you! We know there is a disconnect between young people and heritage sites and opportunities in the UK. At Heritage Trust Network, we think the best way to combat this is to get you involved directly.

We have over 700 members at Heritage Trust Network who are incredibly varied so your ideas could reach and impact a huge range of people. They’re all across the UK, too!

The Heritage Trust Network Youth Forum first met in April 2022. We came together to form a brand new forum and so far, we have set up sub groups and decided on our goals.

The Youth Forum goals are:

Youth Forum Goals

1. Be the youth voice for Heritage Trust Network
a. Create recommendations for Heritage Trust Network members
b. Have a presence at the Heritage Trust Network Conference in November 2022
c. Engage directly with members (through volunteering/on their boards)

2. Improve engagement with heritage for young people
a. Provide a community for other young people
b. Outreach to school leavers
c. Set up events for young people
d. Create a blog
e. Create a newsletter

3. Produce resources for the heritage sector
a. Create a template on how to co-design projects

4. Be inclusive: Heritage is for everyone
a. Continue to welcome new members to the youth forum
b. Continue to co-design the youth forum
c. Listen to all ideas and opinions in the youth forum

Have a look at this video we made for an event in August 2022 for a Scotland Community Heritage Conversations event where we introduce ourselves and go through our goals:

Currently, we are working with three subgroups:

  • Blog/Newsletter/Podcast
  • Conference 2023
  • Outreach

If you have new ideas or want to join in with what we are already doing, we would love to hear from you. There is no minimum level of commitment but we meet on Zoom once a month so it would be great if you could join our meetings and join in the conversation on our discord server in between.

Any questions can be directed to Jess at

We are open to new members anytime so please register your details here if you would like to join the Network Youth Forum.

We look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting!

The story so far…

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Blog: People Power 

Youth Forum Advice Library for Young People and Those in the Early Stages of a Career in the Heritage Sector

Blog: How to Get a Job in Heritage

Blog: Repatriation

Blog: What Does Heritage Mean

Blog: Sustainable Heritage: Preserving the Past, Securing the Future

Blog: Archaeology: one piece of the heritage puzzle

Heritage Trust Network is the UK’s umbrella organisation for not-for-profits and communities that are rescuing, restoring and managing historic building, structures and places. The Youth Forum has been made possible thanks to players of the National Lottery.

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