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Merlinsoft Launches Sitebuilder2

By October 5, 2023No Comments
An image of a mobile phone displaying a screen shot from the app.

Established in 1995,  Partner members Merlinsoft provide multi award-winning solutions for attractions and events management, from access control to online bookings.


Sitebuilder 2 is the latest advance from a company that already enjoys a reputation for reliable, efficient and innovative technology across the event-management world.

The launch of Merlinsoft’s Sitebuilder 2 brings ease of use and elegance to the booking process by accounting for all devices, ensuring a positive experience for customers right from the start. You can be the one in total control of the design and presentation of your event ticketing, ensuring total brand consistency across even the tiniest details. Using Sitebuilder 2 means you own the data you collect and you can continue to build your mailing lists and use that data for future marketing opportunities, including sending them info about future events.

Full details, and a demonstration, of Sitebuilder 2 can be found here. 

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