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Addressing Racism in Heritage

By January 6, 2021No Comments

Acknowledging the Past, Sharing the Future.

Following our event in August 2020, HTN are now sharing the video presentations online for anyone to access for free!

These fantastic presentations share a huge amount of information, guidance and ideas on how to be more inclusive in your heritage projects.

We want to include people from minority ethnic backgrounds with our heritage projects. Do it effectively, inclusively and without getting it wrong. Many us know how to carry out a history research project, but how do we then use that information to engage with people? How do we involve people who can help us to tell those stories from a different perspective?

This HTN Scotland event will help you understand how to approach different communities within your area and make them feel welcome and included in your project.

Below you will find presentations from the following speakers:

  1. Ghzala Khan, Deputy Director of the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council.
  2. Sian Loftus, Heritage Consultant, ‘Aye, it wis Aabody’ project, Birse.
  3. Sharan Dhanda, Producer of the ‘Don’t Settle’ project, Beatfreeks, Birmingham

If you would be interested in collaborating with HTN on a future event or project looking at inclusivity, please get in touch.

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