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By January 5, 2021January 7th, 2021No Comments

Some good news for the new year!
Continuing with the recovery theme from our 2020 Conference, we have collated a selection of news pieces and video case studies from our members, sharing their successes from the past year. Follow the links below for new ideas, top tips and some practical advice.

The Ouseburn Trust

We developed these Virtual tours this year during the difficult times when our “actual” tours had to be suspended, although we had started looking into the possibility of a virtual tour much earlier to try and fill the gap for people who couldn’t personally attend, due to their geographical location or physical or other disabilities.

 The process of developing the virtual experience was then accelerated due to the pandemic and we are very proud of our finished Virtual Victoria Tunnel Experience and our Virtual School Workshop.’

Read the full article here: Go on a subterranean adventure from the comfort of your sofa: Introducing the Virtual Victoria Tunnel Experience

Wentworth Woodhouse

“Initially, like everyone, we were shocked and imagined the worst. But actually, we were able to find silver linings during the months that followed,” said Sarah McLeod, CEO of the Trust which bought the house for £7million in 2017. Everyone rushed to help – from volunteers deciding to create a stream of morale-boosting videos about life at the house to the funders who acted swiftly to support the devastated heritage sector.”

Read the full article here: Shock and shutdown, then silver linings – How Wentworth Woodhouse survived the pandemic 


Case Study videos:

Fife Historic Buildings Trust – Challenges and Changes, Adventures in 2020.

Ederney Community Development Trust – The Pat Murphy House: from tobacconist’s to wellbeing and co-working hub.

Culture Syndicates – Promoting UK Heritage to Chinese Markets.

Netherton Church – At the Heart of the Community, A future for Your Church.

Addressing Racism in Heritage – Three presentations looking at multiple projects that focus on inclusion and heritage.


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