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Are you interested in hosting an exhibition of unique Chinese calligraphic art by Dr Li Kangying and interested in developing connections with local Chinese audiences?

By January 3, 2023December 7th, 2023No Comments
Dr Li Kanying wears a white top and works on a table on his art.

Through the opportunities developed through the Heritage Trust Network’s relationship with the social enterprise Culture Syndicates, the China UK Culture Exchange Promotion Association is looking for heritage sites to host an exhibition of a unique and special artist but also to take part in a pilot programme of engagement with new Chinese artists and audiences.

Dr Li Kanying is a historian and avant-garde calligrapher combining very early Chinese character forms with Western modern art approaches to produceĀ  revolutionary and interactive pieces.

Opportunities to host other artists emerging from the vibrant contemporary art scene in China will be available in the coming years.

In addition, Culture Syndicates are looking to develop an engagement strategy and content to engage with a domestic Chinese audience which they hope will result in a toolkit to help Heritage Trust Network members with this audience development initiative.

If you are interested, please call or email Culture Syndicates Director Neville Stankley at 07835386437 or

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