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Announcing the Youth Forum’s Advice Library

By January 3, 2023October 11th, 2023No Comments
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The Heritage Trust Network Youth Forum are happy to announce that they have started an advice library. They hope for this to have its own page on the Heritage Trust Network website but for now it is on a Google Drive. This is so that young and early careers people can begin to make the most of the resources and advice available already.

Have a look at the Advice Library on Google Drive and share, share, share!

The Youth Forum want to help as many young people in the sector as they can. Please share the link to the Library with any young or early careers people you know, anywhere in the UK.

Screenshot of advice library

So far in the Advice Library is a list of resources and links, from where to find jobs in the sector, to which newsletters to sign up to and where to find courses online.

There is also more general advice, such as to network at conferences and volunteer to gain experience.

The Advice Library has come out of a goal of the Youth Forum, to “improve engagement with heritage for young people” and to improve outreach. The Youth Forum also collected advice from heritage professionals about how to get into the sector, what sort of jobs are available and how to succeed in heritage. This has been compiled in the Advice Library to be shared more widely with young people in the UK.

Help us grow the Advice Library:

If you know of other resources or websites which young people may be able to take advantage of, please share them with us so that we can add them to the Advice Library. To add more resources to the Library, please email us at

Keep an eye out for more events and resources from the Youth Forum for young people in the heritage sector by seeing the Heritage Trust Network events page or following us on social media.

You can also sign up to join the Youth Forum to have a say in what we get up to this year and network with other young people interested in heritage.


The Youth Forum is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thank you to players of the National Lottery.

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