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Heritage Trust Network – Sustainability Bulletin #2: Heating 

By March 6, 2024No Comments

Energy in our homes is one of the biggest causes of emissions in the UK. Combined with the cost-of-living crisis and soaring energy prices, heating our homes has become a huge issue.  

Top Tips to Try 

  • Check if you qualify for any funding for home energy improvements. Grants and loans often come in limited waves, so it’s good to check frequently.  
  • Seek advice from an energy advisor. My local one South Seeds gave me some very useful advice about saving money while using our ineffective old storage heaters. Have a look online to find your local energy advisor.  
  • If possible, consider changing your supplier to a more eco-friendly one such as Octopus Energy or Ecotricity  

Resource of the week: The Energy Saving Trust’s How to Save Money On My Energy Bills. They have a whole range of other useful resources on their website that can help you reduce your heating bill.  

This week’s task: Fix your drafts 

  • Locate any drafts in your home! There are several different methods you can find online to do this such as lighting a candle and holding it near where you think the draft is coming from and if it flickers you have found a draft! Or if your energy supplier or local tool library lets you borrow a thermal imaging camera you can use this to locate drafts and cold spots. The biggest culprits are windows, doors, attics and chimneys. 
  • Things like replacing old single-pane windows can be expensive so in the meantime you can look into cheap ways to fix drafts and help insulate your home.  

Some other resources about sorting drafts:  

What are you doing to reduce your environmental impact? 

Our Outreach Officer, Jess, tried last week’s task and said this:  

“I reduced my laptop brightness from 50% to 40% and it extended my battery for an extra 2 hours whilst in a Zoom call and it charges half hour quicker. I was so happy!” 


If you are doing something to be more sustainable at home or work make sure to submit it, email: 

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